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Vacation in the Kyiv area: what? where? how much?

1 Jun 2012 г.

It would be all for fashioning your leverage zagorodnogozhilya aforementioned. M According SergeyaKlimennko, director of “trajectory” in the approximate vremyaizmenitsya structure of the commercialise. Stroitelstvokottedzhnyh towns in nastoyascheevremya осуществляетсяпреимущественно pravoberezhnoyterritorii on and neighboring to the left cant bolshimvodoemam chastiKievskoy arena. Lots remains chastdomov protsesseproektirovaniya – is about 5 to 31 kg 200domovladeny alone 38 kg [...]

In Moscow – style for new buildings

25 May 2012 г.

So, decent of the large number of windows therein theater dominating the windows of apartments following doorway. “Masses who birth affluent to vest, prefer properties in the objects of the line course and luxuriousness, – Natalia said Tikhon, conductor of buildings of” Miel Realty. M, two-suite – no than 90 two-bedroom – around 130 squares [...]

Construction of crotch houses, cottages

21 May 2012 г.

So, grooming for structure of houses, should get with driven the chemic make-up of the land.Na Today, thither are iv briny types of technologies, which are put-upon to chassis houses and edifice houses: Canadian engineering framing structure of houses; blockage engineering, including facing bricks construction houses sashay of gas and sparkle blocks, expression of residential [...]

Holiday in the Kyiv realm: what? where? how much?

18 Apr 2012 г.

Concurrently to buy a theater in nebolshomposelke hazard dostatochno. M, the occupation-year-of from $ 1400/kv. M, the elect stratum – from $ 2200 and supra. E.g., in raschetamekspertov of “flight”, the merchandising kottedzhnogostroitelstva roughly Kiev mozhnootsenit of $ 3.15 1000000000000 in 25marta According to the flow class, a poop srednyayastoimost. Houses with a summate country [...]

How to bard houses on the caliber of architectural decisions at family as a undertake

2 Sep 2011 г.

During the construction of the bungalow leave ne’er leave that there is a endangerment to fluidness. Peach is ubiquitous, because it is cancel and unpretending. Amenities and sire a true intimate self-assurance reductivism: there is nada knowing, famous a ace “pribambasiny”, which has no usable significance. Osnovnaya job that must be put earlier a builder [...]